Saturday, December 15, 2007

T-Mobile is Killing My Dreams of Using Twitter on a New BlackBerry Curve

For the past month of so, I've been mulling over buying a new smart phone. I'm fine with the $300 price tag for the device. What I'm not ok with is the service plans available with the device. Using AT&T's BlackBerry Curve is OUT because their phone doesn't have Wi-Fi. If it had GPS AND Wi-Fi AT&T's Curve would be IN. I decided on T-Mobile because they have the option of a one-year contract and an unlimited texting plan. This week, I'd pretty much decided to bite the bullet and sign a contract with T-Mobile. I was actually going out to do that today.

This morning on Twitter, I start seeing all of these tweets about T-Mobile blocking Twitter. This is a huge deal breaker. I was already iffy on going with a BlackBerry because I couldn't really use Skype with it. The whole point of me getting a smart phone is so that I could participate on Twitter at work without using the work computer. I also wanted mobile web browsing and a camera phone on the go. If I can't use Twitter or Skype on the service/phone, then the whole thing is useless. Now I have to find and decide on ANOTHER phone. *sighs*

Here are some links:
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Techcrunch: T-Mobile Turns Off Twitter?
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T Mobile Blocking SMS Codes for Twitter (and potentially other third parties)
Letter to T-Mobile CEO: Killing twitter will be a PR nightmare

I am going to wait for an official response before I make my final decision.

[updated 4:56 p.m. CST]
Twitter's Blog:
T-Mobile + Twitter-- Looks like Twitter is saying this is a glitch. I hope it's a glitch and the people that talked to T-Mobile's tech support just got bad support people who didn't know how to handle the call. I still want an official response from T-Mobile.

[updated 12/19/07] Turned out to be a technical issue. I was really hoping for this news. Also, I felt that the customer service email was served up by an employee who didn't really know what they were talking about. I've worked with reps like that who don't really care and play hard ball. Too bad that email got circulated. It's also too bad because I had the BlackBerry curve in my hands this weekend. I put it back because I wasn't sure about the whole blocking issue.
T-Mobile Mix-Up Was Technical

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