Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lord Help Us: Will Smith is Rapping Again

When Will Smith gave up put rap to the side for sci-movies, I was glad. I think his early work is some of the most prolific displays of lyricism known to mankind. (Check out Brand New Funk. Dude even did a song about Freddy Kruger) I just wasn't into his later stuff. Now that he is coming out with this new movie, Hancock, that is about a "down and out" superhero, he wants to pick up the mic again? I'm scared. He's almost 40 for crying out loud.

...this just in. I just saw photos that someone claims is from the set of the movie Hancock. I'm now more scared than ever. I'm sure that I'm over reacting because this looks like comedy and Will Smith *is* funny. Time will tell.


Unknown said...

dang that's cold girl... it won't be long before I'm almost 40!!! are you gonna lose faith in me?!

scifirantergirl said...

Oh C'mon! You know I talk crap because I hide behind the computer and know that Will Smith will never read this. I'm poking fun. I'll actually probably buy the dang album and love it. I talk shit because I care! :P Plus, he'll always be the man because of Independence Day and MIB. I Robot wasn't bad either. As for you, you cute thing, you're almost 40?!?!???? Wow! RAWR!!!

Jabberwocky said...

I Robot wasn't bad gee I don't know Cat, I'm starting to think that you are getting a little soft there. Have to say that I'm looking forward to this movie more so that I am Legend

scifirantergirl said...

*hangs head*

Damn... you called me out.

I remember laughing at I Robot. I thought it was a pretty movie. Maybe it's been so long since I seen it that I'm not recalling it properly.