Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Supernatural: Lucky/Unlucky Rabbits Foot Episode

Bad Day at Black Rock

I LOVE Supernatual. Sam and Dean got a hold to a lucky rabbit's foot. Sam touched it and had unbelievably campy good luck. He, of course, lost the rabbit's foot and his lucky went to the crapper. What the boys didn't know is that once you loose the rabbit's foot, it leads to death. This episode gave us the usual Sam and Dean antics. Sam lost his shoe, gets punched in the nose and shot in the shoulder. Dean gets the power moves like throwing a writing pen so precisely that it plugs the hole of a gun that's pointed at him. He also gets the great line of "I'm Batman".

Throughout the whole thing, crazy but cute chocolate hunter guy [edit: Gordon Walker] that Sam and Dean were responsible for putting in jail is plotting Sam's death. He is in league with a Jesus- freak hunter guy and sidekick. No offense... watch the episode to see what I mean. This guy had bumper stickers like: (source)
"How would Jesus drive?"
"Don't make me come down there. -GOD" and
"Bethlehem or bust"

In the end, the boys did a ritual that broke the spell. All is NOT right as rain though. They still have Gordon after them, there are hundreds of demons roaming about Earth, Dean has less than a year to live and I'm still waiting on another appearance of their incredibly sexy father.

I'm catching up on TV shows, YAY!

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