Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sad Day for Startrek.com

There have been rumors about the demise of startrek.com since 2005. This time it's the staff that is being eliminated and not the site itself. Apparently, there were 6 staffers maintaining the site. I'm surprised that they had a job for this long especially since there are no new Trek shows on. I hope this isn't harsh but right now startrek.com is a glorified encyclopedia. There is the occasional news about an actor doing this or that but there isn't really any new developments.

...except a MOVIE!! It seems odd that they would let the guys go with the new movie coming out. They could have least let the guys stay on until after that.



Jabberwocky said...

I guess that the big question now is what spammer is going to grab the rights to the startrek.com domain first.

scifirantergirl said...

LMAO!!! They would be insane to let that domain name go.