Monday, December 17, 2007

NBC's Hulu

I got my Hulu Private Beta Invitation in my inbox today. Some say Hulu is the reason why NBC/Universal pulled out of iTunes. I say they should have waited until the service was fully functional before depriving us of online access to shows.

Anyhoo... Hulu is a streaming video- on- demand service. As far as I can tell, you can't download these shows or put them on your iPod which is a huge bummer. Another good news/bad news is that the service is free but you have to watch commercials. I guess if it's free, then it's not really all bad. Personally, I'd rather pay upfront and skip the commercials but I'm crazy or something. (*whines to NBC* Please kiss and make up w/ iTunes!!!) One feature I do like is the video embed feature. I can't believe that NBC is giving us permission to use video clips on blogs, websites or wherever. Of course, you'll have to watch an ad. Is the ad worth the length of the clip? Who knows. Also, the video editor is a bit cumbersome and it takes effort to get an exact clip. They also have user comments, reviews and you get your own profile.


scifirantergirl said...


The video is too wide for my blog template.

Jabberwocky said...

Crabapples I get a not available in my country or region

IgwanaRob said...

My favorite scene in the whole series, from my favorite episode - perfection in everyone's timing. Wash's line about having to go to the crappy town where he's the hero is the reason he's my favorite character ;)