Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Supernatural: Fresh Blood

Supernatural: Fresh Blood

Gordon sneaks up on Bela and questions her about Sam and Dean. He tells her that he needs to find Sam because Sam is the anti-Christ. She gives him their location for the bag of hoodoo on Gordon's hip.

Sam and Dean are hunting a girl demon that loves fresh blood. It happens to be Playboy centerfold and ex-Buffy-ite, Harmony. Her name is Lucy and she says she "took something" and she can't come down from it. A guy is going around doping people with vampire blood; a virus. Oh lord, she's a vampire; typecast much? She's decapitated by Sam before she can do anymore damage.

Gordon and his Jesus- crazed friend is posing as FBI agents. They are pumping the latest victim for information. Gosh you dress up in a suit; go to Kinko's to make a fake badge and anyone can be an FBI agent these days. Dean and Sam hit the club that is the hunting ground of the vampire virus dealer. They kick the dealer's arse but run into Gordon and a face full of gun. Dean realizes that Bela is behind it and threatens to kill her. Vampire dealer, Dixon punches Gordon and takes him back to his lair. Dixon has two vampire girls bound and shackled. He intends to feed Gordon to them. He takes pride in capturing the greatest vampire hunter that ever lived. (bah) He wants to punish Gordon for killing his real daughter. Dixon calls the girls his new daughters. Gordon calls them Fang Whores. Dixon decides to make Gordon a vampire. Sweet irony.

Gordon gets free but starts to feel the side effects of his new life. His hearing and sight is all heightened. He can even hear heart beats from afar. His first kill is a guy changing his tire.

Sam and Dean walk in on Vamp Daddy. His daughters were slaughtered by Gordon. When I say slaughtered, I mean he ripped their heads off with his bare hands. Gordon goes back to Sidekick Jesus and tells him what happens. He begs Sidekick Jesus to let him kill Sam. Sidekick Jesus makes the mistake of trying to kill Gordon and gets a hand through his chest for his trouble.

Sam yells at Dean because he wants Dean to stop the tough guy routine. Sam tells Dean that he knows he's terrified of dying in a year. Dean drops it and prepare for the coming of Gordon. Gordon gives them a call to let them know that he has a girl hostage. It's a trap for Sam. Gordon blabs on and on and toys with Sam. There's a fight; walls are fallen through and faces are punched. Sam gets hardcore and wraps barbed wire around Gordon's neck until Gordon's head pops off. That, my friends, masterpiece quality TV.

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