Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Supernatural: Bedtime Stories

Supernatural: Bedtime Stories

Trances I get but fairytale trances? That's bizarre even for us. -Dean

People are being murdered in a way that reminds the boys of childhood fairy tales. The first is three little pigs; two of three brothers that are housing contractors are arguing over materials and are slaughtered by a big wolf. The second is a couple gets lost hiking in the woods and is greeted by a harmless old lady. She drugs the apple pie and kills the husband; Hansel and Gretel. They even had a Cinderella. There is a little ghost girl at the scene of every murder.

Turns out, the doctor who is tending all of the patients that survive the attacks has a daughter. His daughter has been in a coma since she was eight years old. She's been psychically sending out people to murder in a fairy tale style. She is the little ghost girl at every crime scene. Her mother poisoned her and she's trying to let people know about the crime through these killings.

Sam sneaks off and summons the crossroads demon that has the one- year contract for Dean's soul. He tries to make a bargain to release Dean from the contract. Sam threatens her with the Demon Killing Colt. Prancing about in her FABULOUS dress, she tells Sam that she has a boss and that HE holds the contract, not her. She goes on to tell Dean that even if he kills her, the contract still stands and there is no way out of it. Sam considers this then kills her for good measure.

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