Sunday, October 07, 2007

I've Never Seen Cupid But It's Returning

ABC is going to create a new version of the television show Cupid. It was a romantic comedy about a guy who thinks he was sent to earth by Zeus to match make. He was punished by Zeus for his arrogance. To get back on Zeus's good side, he has to make 100 couples have a love connection without using his godly powers.

The original actor who plays "Cupid" won't be returning. I wonder how the show is going to do. I'm not sure why this has shown up on the science fiction radar. I do know a couple of sci-fi fans who really like this show. I guess if you think of Greek God's as aliens like in Star Trek, it works.


spellwight said...

I love Jeremy Piven and he was perfect for that part. It was so his type of humor. I certainly hope they recast someone with a similar sense of comedic timing.


scifirantergirl said...

So you liked this show? Is it sci-fi ish at all?

AllMediaReviews said...

I agree with Debbie. But the key also is going to be THE WRITING. I just would hate to see them fail at one of these remakes again.